Pressure Cleaning On The Gold Coast

Our pressure cleaning services on the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Kingscliff vastly improve the aesthetics of your building.

We make use of water at high pressures to get rid of dirt, grime and mould. It is a highly effective way of cleaning a wide range of surfaces. Our pressure services come with a 100%clean guarantee and are fully insured. We provide pressure cleaning services for commercial and residential services.

Our pressure cleaning services on the Gold Coast and in Tweed Heads have the potential to improve the aesthetics of your building or home vastly. Between our 4250 PSI 21L per minute pressure cleaner, 4000 PSI 15L per minute pressure cleaner and the smaller 2250 PSI pressure cleaner, we can honestly say that we have a machine for every job.
We have a large range of jet nozzles with varying angles and bores to fit every scenario along with a turbo nozzle for the more intense and heavy-duty jobs. For the larger jobs, we have a rotary cleaner and a 7-metre telescopic lance for places that are hard to reach. To top it all off, we have a stubbie gun which helps us get into narrow spaces. We also have a range of non-marking hoses which are very important for colorbond roofing of a light colour.

Pressure Cleaning Services We Offer

House and Roof Pressure Cleaning

Make your house look just like new again. Over time, buildings can lose their charm as they accumulate dirt, grime and mould. This is particularly true for roofs, which are the most exposed to the harsh elements we experience on the Gold Coast. Pressure cleaning is a very effective way to bring your house back to its original charm. Make your home a happier place to live by giving it the clean it deserves.

Commercial Building Pressure Cleaning

Is your commercial building looking a bit grim? That’s not good for business… We can bring your commercial building back to its original glory. Using our 7-metre telescopic lance attachment, we can reach several stories high without a problem. Cleaning your commercial building will make it look great and also bring up the morale of your tenants making them more inclined to look after the place.

Driveway and Car Park Pressure Cleaning

With constant exposure to the elements as well as traffic, driveways and carparks quickly become black with mould, dirt and grime. This looks unattractive to anyone who may be paying your home or business a visit. Pressure cleaning can bring your driveways and carparks back to looking new, and give the overall look of your home or commercial building a new lease on life.

Body Corporate Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning your body corporate building can give your complex a great refreshing new look, and make it an all-round more enjoyable place to live. Your residents or tenants will be happier to be in a place that looks good and will be more inclined to look after the complex themselves, as well as stay in the complex instead of finding other places to live.

Examples of our Pressure Cleaning